Saturday, December 3, 2011

Stretch bands fitness and flexibility

Stretch bands are elastic bands that help to improve fitness and flexibility. These may also be called resistance bands, and resistance straps. Stretch bands can be used along with exercise programs. There are various types of resistance bands. Some resistance bands are more tailored to increasing the strength and bulk of muscles. Additionally, other resistance bands may be better suited for increasing flexibility.

Many yoga students may use stretch bands and resistance straps during yoga. The resistance straps are used to help them with their different yoga positions. Generally, yoga students and practitioners will use the resistance straps and  bands that are suited for improving their flexibility. Although, they may find uses for the bands that help to add muscle. 

Usually, bodybuilders may prefer the stretch bands that are better suited for increasing strength and adding muscles. Bodybuilders may use stretch bands during their workouts as well. They may use them to add to their muscle mass. Plus, there are times they may use bands for flexibility.

The stretch bands may be used by others for general fitness.
Fitness enthusiasts or people that are trying to get into better physical shape may prefer to combine both  types of resistance bands to increase strength and flexibility. They are convenient to have and use because many straps and bands are small and portable.  Therefore, they can be transported on vacations and business trips inside of purses, exercise bags and suitcases. Users of these resistance straps and bands may find them to be both effective and convenient. These items may be found at Amazon's sports and outdoor section.

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