Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Yoga, flexibility and healing injuries

I have seen some people performing yoga poses and wanted to be able to perform some of these poses. After watching people perform the poses, I felt intimidated. I thought that I was too much out of shape to even attempt many of the yoga poses. I would watch in awe as the yoga practitioners effortlessly changed from one yoga pose to another. Because I do not feel  that I am the least bit flexible, I thought that yoga    was something that was too advanced for me. Then, I found out that there are yoga lessons for people that have limited flexibility and people that have physical disabilities. So, it does not matter if you have limited movement or mobility because you can still learn yoga and practice it successfully. Besides helping to increase your flexibility, yoga may help heal injuries as well. On the website called yoga works, I learned that I could improve my level of flexibility gradually. This seems like a welcoming site to learn about yoga and what to expect from the it. I found it to be very warm and welcoming. Now, I am starting to feel more open to the benefits that yoga has to offer.

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