Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Yoga for flexibility

I feel like my body is very tense and stiff and needs to be loosened up. I want to be more flexible like gymnasts.  Perhaps, if I learn some yoga I can increase my flexibility. I really want to be able to flex my arms and legs beyond the present limitations. Yoga always looks so cool when I watch others performing it. I have a hard time with sitting on the floor and crossing my legs in what is called "Indian" style. This term is used because Native American Indians in the United States sat this way. I think that Martial Arts can help my flexibility as well. I love to watch  the Brazilian Martial Art called Capeoira. It is so much fun to watch the performers flipping and dancing as a form of self-defense. I would be so happy to learn how to perform just one routine for Capeoira. 
       I am going to find out more about ways to improve my flexibility. I am going to ask a yoga instructor whether this yoga will help me increase flexibility in my arms and legs. Also, I am going to find out whether Martial Arts increase flexibility.

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  1. Gymnasts are a totally different from any ordinary people who workout. Their flexibility training is extremely complex and stretched to limits we can't even dream of touching. But it's good that you want to sign up for some training sessions, they'll do wonders for your health and mobility.