Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Adult tumbling and gymnastics classses

I think that I need to enroll in some tumbling classes. I want to learn how to do a front flip and a back flip in the air. I have learned there are some places that teach tumbling to adults. I used to think that these classes were only open to children.Now I know there are tumbling classes for adults. When I was growing up as a child, my parents could not afford to enroll me in gymnastics classes.
       Gymnastics was the first sport that I wanted to participate in as a child. I became interested in gymnastics after viewing some gymnastics competitions on television. I was not that interested in the balance beam , parallel bars or  other routines, but I loved to watch the floor tumbling routines.
       After watching the amazing acrobatics  that were performed, I wanted to learn how to do a back flip, front flip, handstand, and other tumbling moves. Also, I wanted to be able to do the split moves that the ladies were performing as well. I was very impressed with their flexibility, balance and upper body strength.

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