Friday, October 21, 2011

A moment of philosophy

I am thinking a lot right now about historical philosophers. I have heard about a few of them, but have yet to examine any of their concepts and ideas for myself. I recently searched for information on this topic, but only found limited output. I guess I will need to better refine my searching techniques. It looks as if I am not the only one that has not been exposed to the works of great philosophers. Because if more people had been priviliged to some philosophers, they may be able to appreciate their fellow man and woman a lot more today. I have listened while instructors have talked about some philosophersand could imagine that many of them may have had some good concepts to help people become more civilized citizens. I am thankful that a Greek Philosopher called Hippocrates is how our country came up with the Hippocratic oath for practicing medicine. I believe there is another Hippocrates that is also known as a philosopher. I saw that during my search on the Internet. I used to think there was only one. I am appauled and shocked by level of empathy that we are targeting at our fellow woman and man on a daily basis. This just turns my stomach sour, so I bet I could make a lot of cheese  in  my  sour stomach everyday from  the attitudes and ill-will witnessed each day. We have some nerve calling ourselves parents. Parents are supposed to teach and help children to grow strong and healthy, but many of us seem to be good at destroying our children by not teaching them to develop their strengths. We want them to have the same strengths as other people for whatever gains that may be included. Unfortunately, everybody can not be like Ike or Mike. Because we want them to fit into a mold or template that we believe to be the best in society, we stunt their natural and original strengths. Now, they are not free to be themselves. Whenever they do display some version of self-development, we think something is wrong with them. Sometimes children cannot be just like others, but are good at masking it most of the time. Then, there are other times that the children will rebel and release this pent up pressure and take off the veil of personality and be themselves or become insane for a lack of expressing themselves in the way that is most comfortable to them. This were a few of  my self-made philosophical thoughts of today. These are some of my theories.

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