Monday, November 21, 2011

Helping your pet relax

It is common to think about taking some time for yourself to relax. I often think about things I can do to relax. Sometimes, I think about relaxing with family and friends and going out to dinner. People are not the only creatures that need to have time to relax. Cats and dogs need some time to relax. Also, it is important that dogs relax and cats relax by going outdoors.  Especially, it is important for those animals that live indoors to get exercise outdoors. Normally, going outside in the fresh air and walking around helps dogs relax. It is relaxing for cats to go outside as well. When these animals do not get to go outside,  they may become nervous and a little anxious.  Pet owners may take their cats and dogs outside for walks to give them some exercise. It may help calm dogs and cats. The regular exercise may help pets to release some of their tension and nervousness. This may result in calmer dogs and cats.

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