Saturday, November 17, 2012

Salt pipe inhaler helps relieve respiratory ailments

Speleotherapy or halotherapy is a kind of dry salt therapy that is used to help  respiratory problems.It was discovered that the  pure ionized air within salt caves could  alleviate respiratory problems when breathed. This discovery was made during the 1800s by a physician from Poland. As a result of these findings, a great deal of people began to travel to Eastern Europe in search of help from the healing salt caves. These salt caves have shown antibacterial properties. Also, these caves have shown antimicrobial properties. Plus, the salt mines have shown anti-fungal properties as well. A simple alternative to the salt caves is a salt pipe inhaler that uses Himalayan salt. This product allows the user to reap many of the benefits of salt caves. The salt pipe can help to alleviate many problems, such as colds,  allergies,  asthma, congestion, hay fever, and sinus problems. A salt  pipe inhaler that helps with these problems can be found by clicking here.

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