Sunday, October 14, 2012

Problems with new job

In this economy, many people are happy to have a job. After a lay-off of several months, many people want to start a new job. Starting a new job sounds like a good thing at first, but there are sometimes problems with a new job. One thing that is hard is getting accustomed to the new environment. Another thing that may cause problems are coworkers. These fellow workers may not be receptive of a new employee because they may not want to help train someone new. Therefore, you may not receive appropriate training. Plus, they may lack patience with a new worker and put out an unsatisfactory report on the new worker before they have been trained. This type of action may ruin a new workers chances of remaining employed at the new job. This is very unfortunate because it shows the cruel nature of employees in times of recession. When people act like this, no one should feel sorry for them when they are given  lay-offs from their jobs.

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