Sunday, January 29, 2012

Concentrate on yourself and rewards

I feel like women should take more time to concentrate on themselves and give  more rewards to themselves. If you do not take the time to appreciate  yourself  then who else will? Women are working harder than ever to take care of themselves and their families. Often they receive  very little if any appreciation for the hardships that they have to endure. Rewards help women feel satisfied and relaxed. These rewards can include mini vacations to a day spa, shopping trips, fine dining, and may other kinds of rewards. In my opinion, it is alright for a woman to reward herself. Because if she stands or sits around waiting for a man to do this, she may go unrewarded. As a woman you deserve to have treats and rewards for yourself. Additionally, you may demand that the man in your life give you a reward. Especially, if you do it nicely. Explain to him how you would appreciate this reward. Plus, be sure to thank him properly for each reward that he gives to you. Every time you get your just reward you may feel more beautiful and happier.

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