Sunday, December 25, 2011

Too much family togetherness may be stressful

During the holidays, many people spend a lot of time with family members. It is good to see some relatives that you have missed seeing for a long while. There are other family members that you may see daily or on a regular basis. Sometimes you are with these family members so much that they may start to get on your nerves and stress you out. I learned that there is too much family togetherness which causes stress. This is when you need a vacation from them. You need a vacation when they cannot see that you need your own space if you live with them. You need a vacation when they are constantly teasing you because you are the youngest of seven children. You need a vacation when you are the family babysitter. You need a vacation when you neglect your friends to spend time with your family. After your vacation, you may work on moving into a new home so that you can relax and be your self. Because  family members seem to not want you to grow up and allow you to be independent, being the youngest person out of a big family is stressful. When you take charge of your own life and find your own personal space, boy will family members be surprised! Be aware they may try to sabotage your efforts so do not let them know your plans until they are in full motion. Relatives sometimes want to keep the youngest child a "baby" this is to suit their own egos. The youngest members of the family deserve to have some personal privileges also. It seems that the eldest think that the youngest do not want or deserve any privileges. I am here to differ and I am not begging to differ. My word and my bond that I make with myself is to become more dependent upon my own abilities and talents.

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