Saturday, December 31, 2011

Pilates exercises for the new year

I am thinking about trying Pilates exercises  in the new year of 2012. These exercises look like they would help me gain better control of  my muscles. Pilates exercises look simple, but I know that these exercises are targeted to do the most good for the body. I want to  have a workout that is not with heavy weights that may cause me to develop masculine muscles. I have read that Pilates exercises helps keep the muscles long and lean. Also, the machine that I saw being used with Pilates workouts does not look to hard to master. This machine is called a reformer. The reformer looks as though it may be a fun  machine to perform workouts  with. The exercises can be done on a mat, but the reformer helps give the body more resistance when working out. The resistance is necessary to improve flexibility. With the exercises, I can get my core body stronger. I will search for some instructional DVDs to watch because I have not found any classes in my area.

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