Monday, April 9, 2012

Meditation and relaxation

I like to take some time to meditate so that I can relax from the stress in my life. When I meditate, I like to be in a quiet place or in my own space. Then, I close my eyes and clear my mind. After I have cleared my mind, I think about how I would like things in my life to be.
I imagine the things that I need to happen in my life. I do not think about the things that I want, that would be too painful and cause stress. Usually, when I think about what I need I start to realize some solutions to some things that I thought were my biggest problems. This makes me realize that some things are not as big a deal as they seem. Thanks to meditation, I have realized many things can be solved by stepping back and distancing yourself from your problems. Sometimes I begin to laugh during my meditations because I see humor in many of my so called problems. The more I meditate the happier I feel. I have quick meditations when I feel that I do not want to take a lot of time to meditate. These can last about 15 to 30 minutes a day. Also, I have longer meditations which can last for many hours. These are not my normal meditations. The long meditations are used only when I have a great deal of anxiety or I am depressed. Normally, quick meditations help me stay relaxed. I can do the quick meditations many times during the day or night. For me, meditation is not good just for prayer. It is good for daily life as well to help with relaxation.

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