Thursday, March 22, 2012

It is spring and pollen is in the air

It is springtime and there are birds singing and  plenty of fresh air and spring breezes. Also, there is a great amount of pollen from plants in the air as well. Pollen gets blown everywhere. It lands on the exterior of cars and covers the windows. In addition, the pollen aggravates my sinuses. Many people have allergies to the pollen. Now, my eyes and nose are watering from being exposed to the pollen. For my allergies, I usually need to take some medications. These medications I buy over the counter at the drugstore. Sometimes I need a prescription for some nasal spray. Normally, the over counter medicines will provide relief for me. The pollen from plants irritates my sinuses and make it hard to breathe through my nose. I prefer to take decongestants since my head feels dry and stuffy.  This can cause me to feel some anxiety. Therefore, I must calm down and relax. Spring is nice, but the pollen in the air is not.

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