Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Taking bubble baths for fun and relaxation

I love taking bubble baths because  they are fun and help me to relax. I know that many children love to play with the bubbles, but so do I. I am not ashamed to play like a kid with bath bubbles. Also, the bubbles help me to relax. The bubbles feel like they are caressing my skin. Afterwards, I feel very calm and reassured that my troubles may be soaked away. If my muscles are tired and achy the water from a warm bath filled with bubbles will soothe my tired muscles and help relax my nerves. I like my bubbles to be very thick and fluffy. I love it when there is a beautiful refreshing scent to my bubble bath. When I am soaking in a bathtub filled with bubbles, I feel like a the most beautiful princess in the world. Showering may be nice, but a bubble bath is refreshing, relaxing, fun, and invigorating.  I believe that everyone should take the some time to indulge in a simple fun and relaxing bubble bath.

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