Sunday, April 27, 2014

Worldwide pinhole photography day without camera

Today is August the 27th 2014. August 27th is the day that has been designated for worldwide pinhole photography day. I stumbled upon the knowledge of worldwide pinhole photography a couple of days ago. I learned about this day while searching for ways to make the pinhole camera. I wanted to attempt and complete the making of a camera that I learned about while in elementary school. I first learned about this camera in the 5th grade. The teacher had us to do this project for fun. It did not count towards our grade. The teacher used the instructions from a children's magazine that our school subscribed too. The school subscribed to the Weekly Reader and Highlights magazines. I am not for certain which of these magazines the camera project came from. It may have been the Highlights magazine. I guess I need to look up the Highlights magazine. I just recently remembered this name. All that I could recall a few weeks ago was the Weekly Reader. I looked up the camera on what is left of the Weekly Reader, but could not find anything about the pinhole camera. I did discover that the magazine was bought by another company. When I was looking for the camera, I could not remember its name. I kept looking for paper camera and did not realize the pinhole camera was the item I was searching for. Finally, I realized the pinhole camera was the camera my class attempted to make. Most of us did not succeed. One reason for out failures was there was not enough time get an understanding of the project. We only had about twenty minutes in the class before we had to change subjects. Another reason that we failed was that the teacher radically modified the instructions. She had us trying to make a box from scratch out of plain construction paper. In addition, we taped the sides together to make the boxes. Most of boxes looked pretty pitiful. Many were really sunk in. I have been thinking about this project lately because it has peaked my interest in my adult life. Now, today is worldwide pinhole day and I do not have a pinhole camera. Plus, I have not chosen a style of camera to construct. I guess I will have a belated pinhole day after I construct my very own pinhole camera. Until then I will decide on the pinhole camera that I want to make. All I know is that I want to make a simple design. I do not wish to construct my own box from a flat piece of construction paper again like my class did in the 5th grade. The cameras that were made successfully were made by the teacher. Some of the students asked the teacher to make theirs. Of course the teacher did not have the time to make all our cameras.

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